Privacy & Cookies Policy

Due to the combination of the European Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC), ePrivacy directive (2002/58/EC, revised in 2009/136/EC), and the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998 (As well as possibly the Irish act of the same name) all websites are required to have a privacy policy if they collect or store data about a sites users. As this is somewhat impossible to avoid in the modern age, I present you humbly with this sites own policy.

Please click the link below to read the summarized version of our policy, or indeed the full legal text.

Privacy Policy

In addition, thanks to the European ePrivacy directive (2002/58/EC, revised in 2009/136/EC) I am required to ask you if you accept the use of ‘cookies’ to browse this website. I am also required to give you an explanation of what a ‘cookie’ is and what it does; which is simply a way of remembering information between webpages. It’s the technology that lets you do things like login to Facebook, or in the exact case of this site help identify unwanted traffic (bots and such). For a full explanation please checkout the wonderful explanation by Also, if you are in the mood for reading you may also want to check out their article about why this is a particularly stupid idea.